Touring space? Know this…


What should you look for when touring Minneapolis commercial real estate? Yes, the proposed space is important, but consider these other factors.

With SF/person going down, does this building have enough parking? View tenant parking areas and compare it to the buildings occupancy. If the parking is full and only 80% of the building is full, you know you are in for some issues.

Natural Light
Don’t underestimate the need for sunlight. Getting cheap space with limited natural light may seem like a cost savings, but it will hurt you in the long run. Talented employees generally want assess to light as it will improve satisfaction with the job, increase productivity and help with overall health.

When comparing CAM, be very leary of the least expensive option. In the long run, not maintaining the property correctly will come back to bite you. Look for buildings with reasonable CAM, as they may provide additional amenities that may ultimately save you money (fitness centers, shared conference rooms, less SF)

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