25% Commercial Real Estate Referral Fees

Earn Commercial Real Estate Referral Fees

Do you focus on selling homes and turn away office or industrial sales & leases? Or do you attempt to work on the project and find out the commercial world is very different? CRE Partners can help! Focus on what you do best. You are an expert at residential sales….We ONLY focus on sales & leasing of commercial property. Get paid for making a phone call and prove yourself to be a valuable resource for all real estate needs.
How Can We Help You, Help Your Clients?
Introduce Us to Commercial Tenants, Buyers or Building Owners

Real Estate Agents and other Industry Professionals can benefit from a trusted referral source for their clients that have potential commercial real estate transactions. No longer do you just have to pass those referrals on with no benefit to you. Contact us today to learn how you can generate income with commercial referrals!

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Want to Partner?

Don’t just want a referral fee, but want to help? We can partner with you on any warehouse or office real estate transaction. Whether it is co-listing a 200,000 SF warehouse building sale or a working together on a 2,000 SF office space search, we have experience in dealing with transactions of all types on a daily basis. Fee splits are negotiated depending on how the responsibilities are divided.

What’s the Catch?

No catch…just earn extra income.

We do have a few requirements:

* The transaction MUST close.

* Referring agent must have an active real estate license.

* All referral fees are paid to the broker which holds the license.

* We have a minimum deal size, which varies depending on the type of transaction.

* First completed deal only. Referral percentage will scale down for future deals.

* Fee is based on the dollar amount we actually receive less any retainer fees that were paid.

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CRE Independent Experts

We are small company, but through strategic partners, we can provide the same services as a full-service commercial real estate firm. We gain a competitive advantage because we have the freedom to hire independent experts for each individual project. Let us know if you need a referral for development, construction, property management and more.

Licensed in Minnesota

CRE Partners and our agents are licensed in the State of Minnesota. Contact us if you need specific information about our license or if are looking to partner on a deal or earn a referral fee.

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Commercial Real Estate Referral Fees

Commercial Real Estate Referral Fees in Minneapolis & St Paul, MN