Commercial Real Estate Investment


Investment Sales & Acquisitions

Commercial Real Estate Investment in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN. Our team assists in analyzing & selling all types of commercial real estate investments including: warehouse buildings, industrial property, office buildings, retail buildings, and apartments. We focus on the client’s specific investment criteria, the assets earning potential, and minimizing overall risk.

Commercial Investment Disposition

Our investment services professionals not only help you sell your property, but also help you determine the best time frame and process for this major financial move, taking into account potential tax ramifications and the market cycle to generate the strongest interest in your property. We take into account your requirements for timing the sale, and your related objectives for placing the proceeds of the sale in other investments or another property. We supply in-depth market data to develop a competitive price based on your value target, and we determine an acceptable level of risk associated with various buyers to ensure your interests are protected in the purchase and sale agreement.

Sale Leaseback

Whether you are considering a sale leaseback to free up cash to grow your business or trying to take advantage of a real estate asset to avoid the cost burden of alternative or mezzanine debt, we can help. We maintain multiple relationships with investors interested in commercial real estate sale-leaseback transactions. This allows our clients to free capital in a short period of time without disruptions to day-to-day operations.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Buyers

The physical act of finding an commercial real estate investment is very difficult. Most investment properties (“the deals”) never hit the open market. For that reason, you need someone on the inside to source appropriate options and evaluate what is best for you. Whether you are seeking income, future appreciation or looking to complete a 1031 exchange, we are here to help. We put ourselves in your position with every recommendation we make.

Always Working for Your Best Interests
We want to give real advice & guidance. Not just be a sales person. 

1031 Exchange

Need more information on 1031 exchange transactions in Minneapolis/St Paul? Let us help! We work with third party 1031 exchange companies to minimize tax obligations. Working with a qualified intermediary is essential to determine if you qualify for a 1031 exchange and what the potential benefits exist. Once you have established that a 1031 exchange is the appropriate course of action, we can assist in finding a replacement property. 

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Independent Partners

We love being independent brokers. Does that mean we lack services of a large corporate real estate firm? Absolutely not. Through strategic partners, we can provide the same services. We gain a competitive advantage because we have the freedom to hire independent experts for each individual project. We have partners in architecture, design, construction, development, property management, legal, title, 1031 exchanges, and asset management to help along the way.

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Investment Sales Fees

Stop using commercial real estate agents who cost too much. We have ton of flexibility and can act as a full-service agent or fee-based agent (and anything in between) depending on the situation to align our interests with yours. WE DISCLOSE ALL OF OUR FEES UP FRONT AND ON PROPOSALS! If you don’t use us, make sure your commercial broker does the same and fight back against backroom deals and unwanted fees. Contact us to discuss your options.