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Commercial real estate services in Coon Rapids, MN. Our Brokerage Team focuses on advising clients in Coon Rapids commercial real estate for sale, lease or rent. Whether you are a Tenant, Buyer or Building Owner; our experienced agents will help you navigate the complex Coon Rapids commercial property market. We will exceed your expectations and become a trusted partner. Contact us to discuss our Coon Rapids commercial real estate solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing

Are you tired of commercial real estate professionals who maybe take one picture, post to the MLS, and install a sign? We go above and beyond “just putting a sign in the yard” and hoping for the best.

Better Marketing

Using today’s cutting edge technology we create fully immerse and interactive 3D digital showings, floor plans, and renderings that can put your clients and prospects in your commercial property listing through the web and mobile.

Hire Us!

When you’re ready to take the next step toward listing your commercial real estate for sale or lease, our experts are here to help. Cost-Effective, Creative, Results.

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Comprehensive Commercial Space Search

Get the most up to date information on available commercial property for sale or lease that are generally not available to the public.

Save Time

Take search from days to minutes. You have better things to do with your time. We will save you significant headaches from searching the internet for out of date listing information.

See All For Sale & For Lease Options

We will show you every available commercial space, from every company and building owner. Our goal: find the best space for you regardless of the landlord.

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City of Coon Rapids, MN

Learn more about commercial property for sale, lease, or rent in Coon Rapids, MN. Coon Rapids is proud of its diverse business community, which employs about 23,400 people and provides goods and services to local, regional, national and international markets. The City is home to over 40 manufacturing firms, including manufacturers of medical instruments, aircraft parts, and electrical equipment. The City also includes a large amount of office space and over 2 million square feet of retail space in the Riverdale business district near US 10 and Main Street. The City of Coon Rapids is committed to maintaining a positive business climate and fully cooperating with the business community to encourage greater economic development and greater employment.

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Commercial Real Estate Coon Rapids, MN

Coon Rapids Commercial Property for Sale and Lease