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Commercial real estate services in Cottage Grove, MN. Our Brokerage Team focuses on advising clients in Cottage Grove industrial, warehouse, office, and commercial property for sale, lease or rent. Whether you are a Tenant, Buyer or Building Owner; our experienced agents will help you navigate the complex Cottage Grove commercial real estate market. Contact us to discuss our cost-effective commercial real estate solutions in Cottage Grove, MN.

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Sales & Leasing


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We serve as your strategic advisor, lowering your warehouse space costs and occupancy risks. The Cottage Grove area has numerous office & warehouse space options of all types and sizes. Whether you are looking for a 200,000 SF high clear warehouse distribution center or a 5,000 SF office space, we can help. Our agents go beyond just price per square foot. We research where your customers, vendors, and suppliers are located, so you understand the additional logistics costs and mileage as part of the overall deal. When you work with our brokers, you see ALL the available office buildings and industrial properties for sale/lease in Cottage Grove (from every company). We work for YOU with all commissions paid by the building owner.

Commercial Property Sales & Leasing

Our Cottage Grove commercial real estate agents strive to do more than all of our competitors and are constantly trying new avenues and changing our approach in an effort to better cover Cottage Grove and the overall marketplace. Because we believe most companies start their commercial real estate search online, our marketing focus revolves around being the best on the internet and the first in technology. Let us prove our technology & web based approach is more effective than the competition.

City of Cottage Grove, MN

Learn more about commercial property for sale, lease, or rent in Cottage Grove, MN. The Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce mission is to advance the economic well-being of our members and promote a positive business climate throughout the region by applying the leadership resources of private enterprise. We’re committed to building a stronger business community in our tri-city area.