COVID-19 & Air Filtration

Air filtration in commercial real estate is suddenly a hot topic. Once COVID came and stayed, more people began to realize that good air filtration could mean the difference between sick and healthy, and in some cases, life and death. Offices, in particular, are a concern for companies looking to reoccupy their buildings and guarantee employees safety in terms of air quality. So if you are a building owner, what should you do? While buildings have many options in terms of air filtration, it is important to know which are most effective, cost efficient, and compatible with their current systems.


“Building owners and facilities managers will have to review their properties’ needs on an individual basis. Bringing in more fresh air and upgrading MERV filters is a good place to begin, but owners should carefully consider other add-on technologies like BPI, HEPA, and UV-C filters to determine how to best optimize their systems. Unfortunately, property owners are in a position where they will have to make these choices preemptively. They don’t have the luxury of waiting to see what the latest research proves or disproves. Acting now is the only way to help people get back to work and stay safe while doing it.”


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