COVID-19 Will Permanently Change How We Work & Use Office Space in Minneapolis

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An interesting scenario regarding COVID-19 from the Wall Street Journal: The coronavirus goes on hiatus in late spring, cases begin to drop, States begin to re-open (including Minnesota), and social distancing eases. But many onetime office workers realize they have little interest in going back to the way things were. The age of the office as we know it is probably over, and the bell can’t be unrung. So how are things potentially going to change for Minneapolis office space users?


Many believe the traditional office was already fading into obsolescence. The coronavirus pandemic radically sped up the timeline. Give people the leeway and trust to schedule their work lives around their personal lives (not the other way around), and they will discover that they tend to be more productive, more driven and happier.


Organizations will learn that they benefit tremendously from losing the limitations that come with traditional office space settings. A remote team can hire anyone with an internet connection.


We are collectively undertaking a great experiment in the nature of work—not because we want to but because circumstances have forced our hand. It will take a lot of conscious effort and rapid calibration to make this transition as smooth as it can be.


Organizationally, it’s difficult to let go of the illusion of control an office provides. It’s easy to feel that the work will get done only if we’re all together in one place. It’s not true. When we trust one another and rely on one another to get the work done—the work usually gets done. This is a radical adjustment. It is alarming, it is happening fast, but it could also be the start of something revolutionary. (From the Wall Street Journal)


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