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Personalized Uptown Minneapolis Office Space Services. Our Office Space Advisors focus on working with Tenants & Building Owners in office space for lease & sale in Uptown Minneapolis. Our strategy is to craft a custom solution for each of our clients. This allows us to identify and secure office space that matches your business need and company culture. We work with companies big and small, from three people in a live/work apartment, to businesses that have a household name. Contact us to discuss our cost-effective office space solutions in Uptown & South Minneapolis.

Office Advisors

Office Advisors

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Sell or Lease

Find the Best Uptown Office Space

Let us help you find office space for lease or sale in Uptown Minneapolis, MN. Remember, the right Minneapolis Uptown office space is about more than cost. The appropriate space for your company allows convenience for clients, customers, and employees. Office space reflects your culture, promotes employee satisfaction, helps recruit talent, and ultimately, sell your product.

Creative Office Space Uptown

Looking for creative office space in Uptown Minneapolis to attract the right talent? We love working with small companies that have an incredible idea. Working with startups and technology companies is a lot of fun. It is extremely exciting to work alongside some of the best entrepreneurs in the world and we love to see the passion the founders and employees have for their businesses. Our focus is on providing a custom Uptown office space solutions for each of our clients that conserves capital, creates flexibility, and matches their unique personality and culture.

Minneapolis Uptown Neighborhood

Find office space for lease, sale, or rent in Uptown Minneapolis, MN. Uptown and South Minneapolis has become widely-known as one of the most highly desirable residential neighborhoods for young people in the city as the median age is 29 years old. To cater to the surrounding talent, Uptown is known to offer more creative office space options. 

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