Pros and Major Con About Working from Home


  • Almost everyone seems to hate getting stuck in an office cubicle next to a coworker who won’t shut up.
  • Bosses who call too many meetings can be even more annoying.
  • Traffic jams on the way home from work might be the worst way to cap the day after that.

So perhaps it’s not exactly shocking to learn that working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive effect on workers’ productivity, according to 54% of respondents in a recent survey of professionals ages 18-74. The reasons for this, they said, were time saved from commuting (71%), fewer distractions from coworkers (61%) and fewer meetings (39%).



But while working from home has its advantages, it also comes with terrible loneliness, according to the survey, which was conducted by YouGov in partnership with USA TODAY and LinkedIn. That and other problems likely will need to be addressed by employers as they consider where their workers should work and how to reopen offices after some states start lifting orders to stay at home. From USA Today.