Questions to Ask Before You Change Your Office Space


What is the “why” you and your employees are coming to the office?

For a lot of companies, the answer is collaboration. For others, it is providing a space for employees to come periodically if they can’t or don’t want to work at home full time. A lot of people need the office as a social outlet or a place to “actually” get work done. Answering this will help dictate the overall square footage needed and configuration. (Private offices vs workstations vs hoteling options).


What do you need in the future?

For most, this is a tough question. The world is full of uncertainty, especially during this unprecedented time. Options to offset the risk: use furniture to separate space instead of hard walls. So if things change, it is easy to reconfigure to accommodate your updated office space needs.


How do we make this a space people want to come to?

Fun open areas for collaboration? Hoteling options with flexible furniture? Meeting spaces with moving decks and amenities? Talk to your employees or take a survey. Find out what would encourage them to drive into the office.


Is it worth the cost to move?

Moving is expensive. Yes, you may save money with a reduced square footage, but that still comes with upfront spending. In addition, you may lose leverage or negotiating power to get a better deal. Landlords may be more willing to accept tenant-friendly terms if they think the company is going to grow into more space vs downsizing.


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