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Corporate Real Estate Strategies & Site Selection

Corporate real estate site selection services in Minnesota. We know choosing a location for your business isn’t easy. With so many factors to consider, like labor, customers, vendors, logistics, real estate and economic incentives, it can be very difficult to even know where to begin. Fortunately, our team assists in analyzing your criteria and provides information to support the decision-making process. Whether it’s for a distribution center, manufacturing plant, call center, or a new corporate headquarters, our site selection consultants will help you understand crucial location factors to help you make an informed decision.

Site Selection Advisors

Site Selection Advisors

Economic Incentives

Our professionals know securing and realizing economic incentives has become an important strategy for corporations seeking to minimize capital expenditure and reduce on-going operating costs. We can help you evaluate all the potential options, from tax breaks to grants and loans. A wide variety of incentives and financial assistance is available to help companies start-up, expand, and relocate in MN.

Community Resources

Site selection goes beyond incentives. Creating partnerships with the community is very important for long-term sustainability. We can help you understand variables like the overall labor pool, workforce availability, wages, underemployment, growth rates, and real estate opportunities.

We Can Help You with Site Selection for:

Distribution Centers

Corporate Headquarters

Call Centers

Bank Branches

Medical Facilities

Manufacturing Operations

Data Centers

IT Service Centers

Retail Locations

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Independent Partners

We love being independent brokers. Does that mean we lack services of a large corporate real estate firm? Absolutely not. Through strategic partners, we can provide the same services. We gain a competitive advantage because we have the freedom to hire independent experts for each individual project. We have partners in architecture, design, legal, construction, and development to help along the way.

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