Should You Use a Broker? Or Go At It Alone?

Save Time & Money

It really depends on whether or not you rather spend your time on your business or searching for space. There are many considerations when deciding if you are going to move, add another location, or just stay put. Why should consider using a Minneapolis Tenant Representation Broker?

In a recent Inc. Magazine article, commercial real estate & office space was a significant conversation. One of the best quotes from this: “When you have a separate location, there’s an initial upfront cost, but there’s also overhead you take on by having to communicate between multiple locations. ALSO, ONE THING I THINK A LOT OF SMALL BUSINESSES DON’T REALIZE IS THAT LOOKING FOR A NEW OFFICE IS A HUGE TIME SUCK. We were running out of space, and it took us more than six months to find another office.” (Inc. Magazine; Jerry Hum)

Bottom line, it takes a lot of time out of your day for more important tasks. That is why we are here to help!

Take advantage of our ability to streamline the space search, our market knowledge, our negotiating skills, and our ability to manage the transaction to SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY.