We Work for Your Best Interests, Not the Landlord’s

Office Tenant Representation

Our Office Tenant Representation specialists have years of experience in finding the right office space solution that meets your need. Whether your company is relocating a single office location, seeking multiple locations locally, nationally, or internationally, an office tenant rep will save you money and reduce your occupancy cost. We take the time to understand your business and your motivations to help you make an informed decision. 

No Conflict

No Conflict

Fee Disclosure

Fee Disclosure

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Why Hire an Office Space Tenant Rep?

Why should you hire an office tenant rep? We serve as your strategic advisor, lowering your office space costs and occupancy risks. We will analyze your business goals, occupancy needs, culture, and potential effect to your balance sheet to identify and evaluate appropriate lease/purchase options. We will also manage the transaction process from space planning and construction bids, to negotiating favorable terms, and assisting in review of the lease/purchase agreements.

Avoid Conflict of Interest

A Landlord’s broker legal obligation is to represent their client’s best interest, the Landlord. You expose yourself to a huge conflict of interest when you use one or several office landlord brokers to “negotiate” on your behalf for one of their listing or their companies listings. Unlike a Landlord’s broker, an office tenant representative is 100% accountable and committed to you. We eliminate conflict by how we work and how we structure our fees.

Save Time & Money

Take search from days to minutes. Stop wasting your valuable time. We know you have more important things to do. Our tenant reps will save you time and money on any office space transaction.

Get Insider Information

We know the neighborhood. We don’t stop at search. Our expert brokers know the insider details of your market.

Office Space Tours

Narrow the options. When you’re ready to see the space, we set up a tour. Tour spaces like a rock star. From the moment we pick you up, to the type of coffee you drink, You get to focus on what’s important to you. We will take notes, photos and capture your thoughts on each space.

Office Space Experts on Your Side

Level the playing field. You see what brokers and landlords see. We ensure your next office lease is expertly negotiated. A deal is far more complex than just what is the rent? Have you considered who is responsible for the HVAC, roof, or parking lot? How does your landlord define capital expenses vs operating expenses? Do you have renewal options, termination options, or expansion rights? All of these items have a substantial effect on the cost and risk of the space.

Tenant Rep Agreement – a Fiduciary Relationship

By executing an agreement with a tenant rep broker, the parties are acknowledging their legal obligation and duty to act for your best interests. Our Tenant Reps become a trusted partner, not just a salesperson.

Office Tenant Representation Fees

Stop using office space tenant representation brokers who cost too much. We have ton of flexibility and can act as a full-service agent or fee-based agent (and anything in between) depending on the situation to align our interests with yours. Generally, Office Tenant Rep fees are paid by the Landlord. However, you should know what your tenant rep is charging, as it will have an impact on your deal.. WE DISCLOSE ALL OF OUR FEES UP FRONT AND ON PROPOSALS! If you don’t use us, make sure your Tenant Rep does the same and fight back against backroom deals and unwanted fees. Contact us to discuss your options.