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Our commercial experts are experienced with all aspects of office, warehouse, and commercial sales & leasing. We work with companies big and small, from three people in a live/work apartment, to businesses that have a household name. We always promote our client’s best interests (conflict free), have the highest level of integrity and maintain transparency throughout the whole process. We will exceed your expectations and become a trusted partner.

Why We Are Different

Property Marketing Platform

Are you tired of minneapolis commercial real estate agents who maybe take one picture, post to the MLS, and install a sign? CRE Partners goes above and beyond “just putting a sign in the yard” and hoping for the best. We believe most companies start their commercial real estate search online, therefore, marketing focus revolves around being the best on the internet and the first in technology. See how our 3D interactive tours, professional photography, aerial photography, and floor plan generation will help sell or lease your property. Our philosophy is to market every commercial building we represent as if we own it ourselves.

Why We Are Different

No Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest is one of the most challenging issues when working with a commercial real estate agent and plays a huge part in how every transaction is handled. Understanding conflict and how it affects broker’s incentives, brokerage fees, and overall service is imperative so you receive the appropriate representation. You need to understand what properties the broker (agent & company) is working on and how their internal fees are structured (within the company, within the team, and if they get more to go somewhere else). We eliminate conflict by how we work and how we structure our fees. Ask us how we avoid conflict, maintain full transparency and provide you with the best results. Conflict is extremely important.

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Sales & Leasing Fees

Stop using commercial real estate agents who cost too much. We have ton of flexibility and can act as a full-service agent or fee-based agent (and anything in between) depending on the situation to align our interests with yours. WE DISCLOSE ALL OF OUR FEES UP FRONT AND ON PROPOSALS! If you don’t use us, make sure your commercial broker does the same and fight back against backroom deals and unwanted fees. Contact us to discuss your options or click on the picture to learn more.

Independent Experts

We are small company, but through strategic partners, we can provide the same services as a full-service commercial real estate firm. We gain a competitive advantage because we have the freedom to hire independent experts for each individual project. Let us know if you need a referral for development, construction, property management and more.

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Fiduciary Relationship

By executing an agreement with our agents, the parties are acknowledging their legal obligation and duty to act for your best interests. Our brokers become a trusted partner, not just a salesperson.

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Why We Are Different